Aloe Milk

33,00 € each Weight: 0.3 kg


Aloe milk is an extremely versatile product:

    ideal as an after sun thanks to the high percentage of fresh aloe of over 75%
    luxurious hand cream, absorbs extremely quickly and immediately makes "baby skin".
    intensive foot cream, refreshing, antibacterial and antimycotic
    wonderful massage with invigorating aroma of the Sicilian mandarin
    caring and refreshing after shave, treats small injuries and prevents skin irritations.

The most valuable ingredients:

    lanolin keeps the moisture in the skin
    Almond oil, soothing and moisturizing
    Grapefruit seed extract, anti-inflammatory
    Cocoa butter makes for supple skin
    Frankincense oil, anti-inflammatory and nurturing
    Vitamin E, the "skin vitamin", a strong radical scavenger

- all this is transported deep into the skin by the fresh finca aloe...

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