Welcome to ProAloeMarketing, Tiscamanita / Fuerteventura On this page you will find all the information about one of the most wonderful medicinal plants of the earth, ALOE VERA BABARDENSIS, and its cultivation, processing and distribution. We sell Aloe Vera products since 1983.

We produce fresh aloe vera organic products and process only the highly effective gel, according to our strictly controlled manufacturing process. As our  customer, you can be certain to get only the pure and effective concentrate.



On our page you will find all information about the QUEEN OF MEDICINAL PLANTS, and in our online shop, you will find your prefered Aloe Vera Product, and we shall send it to your home address asap.




Are you planning a holiday in Fuerteventura? Then don´t hesitate to visit us in the aloe vera plant in Tiscamanita or Aloe Vera Information Centre in Jandia.

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