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"Four plants are important for the health of the people: the wheat, the vine, the olive tree and aloe. The first one feeds, the second one encourages the spirit, the third one adds harmony and the fourth one cures. "


Christopher Columbus








Once upon a time ...   thousand years ago, many in the time that we call the dawn of mankind , when a group of collectors inadvertently the leaf of a peculiarly shaped plant injured on their way to search for herbs and berries, which was pretty unimpressive by the wayside .   When our ancestors came back after a few days , her look has probably again on this sheet have fallen , and they hardly believe their eyes : the surface was almost smooth again , nearly healed the wound ... a spell?   ' What works at this plant , its effect does perhaps even with us men ! ' They must have ge - thought out. And indeed, violations of human skin healed incredibly quickly , inflammation have been cured or avoided . The ladies of the Late Stone Age world ( even then not without vanity ) discovered how soft her skin at once was ... a miracle?   When we hear or read what Aloe Vera can supposedly going to today , much of it sounds so incredible that we ask ourselves rightly : what it is ... a miracle plant ?   A wonderful plant that is already rather - but in any case the oldest medicinal plant in the world and a great gift of nature to us all.   The questions of why and effect science has largely decoded in the past decades. This information is intended to show the interested reader , which means " the smallest house pharmacy of the world " really may be why the desert lily helps and what to look for when purchasing and applying unconditional.

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